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Ampliffy is a highly profitable video solution for publishers looking to build a new, youthful audience for their online property. It offers a new revenue stream through video content and pre-roll in-stream video ads. This service is particularly suitable for publishers with an active publishing site but lack video content or sufficient pre-roll in-stream video ad inventory for young audiences.

We assist publishers in transforming their sites into a source of income by providing quality video content that aligns with their audience's interests and attracts young viewers. Video content is an effective way to increase user engagement and the time visitors spend on your site. The longer the user session time, the better your RPM and revenue will be.

Ampliffy analyzes your site and audience, then delivers engaging video content that your viewers will enjoy. While they watch our video content, you earn income through advertising.


  • High-quality video content that caters to the interests of the younger generation.
  • Copyright management, granting you full rights to publish the content.
  • Video player compatibility for both desktop and smartphone devices.
  • Additional storage and required bandwidth to enhance the audience's experience on your site.
  • Ampliffy control panel, allowing you to monitor real-time daily advertising revenue. - The control panel also enables you to compare the performance of different content videos in terms of views and revenue.
  • Easy plug-and-play implementation with copy-and-paste coding solutions, eliminating the need for complex coding.
  • All our offers and services are available for FREE when you join our membership!

We specialize in providing the right content and advertisements for publishers aiming to attract young audiences to their sites. The content can encompass the latest updates in news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, business, politics, technology, travel, video games, automotive, cooking, movies, and series.

Once you register on our system and provide the information for your publishing profile and site, we will analyze your audience and select suitable video content to monetize it. No coding requirements are necessary; it's as easy as copying a TAG onto the publisher's site. Once users begin watching the video content, advertisements will start running in Ampliffy's video player. Advertising income will be split between Ampliffy and the publisher, which will be collected within the next 60 working days.

We are professionals dedicated to helping you maximize your audience's video content viewing and increase revenue through pre-roll in-stream video advertising. Ampliffy enhances users' time spent on the page by up to +39% through high-quality video content and increases session RPM by up to +54%. Our video advertising monetization coverage can help your site reach up to 70% of the population in most countries.

All processes with Ampliffy are user-friendly, easy to implement, and highly effective in generating revenue and delivering impactful results, ensuring not a single minute is wasted.

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