Google Certified Publishing Partner

Grow faster with Ampliffy

How can Ampliffy help you as Google Certified Publisher Partner?

Ampliffy can unlock a wide-variety of capabilities and opportunities for your business:

  • Earn more from every user session. Use Ampliffy's video expertise to optimize your digital video content stratgey, so you can attract the most profitable and relevant advertising. Because when you put so much passion into your site and content, you deserve to earn more from it.
  • Ampliffy gives you expertise you can use today, and tomorrow. Receive video insights, services, and technology to help you make more informed decisions on the video online business and strengthen your bottom line.
  • Focus on what you do best. When you have an expert partner who can leverage the best video advertising technologies to maximize your revenue potential, you'll have more time on your hands to focus on what matters most, delivering value for your audiences and advertisers.

What services do Ampliffy offer as Google Certified Publisher Partner?

Ampliffy can support your business with expert solutions for:

  • Platform, content and monetization solutions for video.
  • Video customization of ads.
  • Content moderation tools for video.
  • Full-service ad operations, implementations, and testing.

Capture growing video budgets with Ampliffy TV video ads

Ampliffy video ads create new opportunities for your business to capture video advertising demand by allowing applicable display ad slots to be used for video ads, increasing the value of your content. Ampliffy TV allows you to show video ads within your content across sites and apps, putting video monetization in the front and center of your content. The demand for video ads continues to grow. Ampliffy video ads are designed to help you optimize the value of your content by creating opportunities to plug video ads all along your content. Publishers can select from a range of ad formats to create the best experience for your users with your existing inventory, and take advantage of increasing demand for video while driving higher pricing for your inventory and increasing user engagement.