About us

We are a group of professionals passionate about the world of entertainment through short videos for young audiences. Everyday we engage with a young, massive and segmented audience, where we join the conversions of Gen Z and Millennials. Ampliffy TV is a video content platform to reach young audiences.

We are proud of our Creator's Community that we work with on a daily basis to achieve their distribution, audience and monetization goals. We love designing and building innovative video ad formats to meet the goals of our Advertisers. We offer high-quality video content and monetization tools to our Publishers to increase their exposure to young audiences and income.

Ampliffy has developed a Big Data-based AI platform to generate predictive models for real-time decision-making about its Advertisers' promotional investments and goals, with a twofold objective in mind: to achieve the best results for Advertisers and to maximize Creators' and Publishers' revenues.

We know our audience and understand how to define its profiles: this enables us to sell our Publishers' advertising inventory more efficiently and fulfill all our Advertisers' online marketing needs.

Contact us and we'll tell you more about how we can work together!