Ampliffy takes privacy very seriously.

Our focus is managing advertisements and our objective is to make those advertisements as relevant as possible to users. To be able to do that, we use cookies.

What cookies we use?

1.- This corporate website uses the following cookies:

- User's session cookies: stores language preferences and also allows the login to the extranet and control panel services to work correctly. This cookie gets deleted when you close the browser.

- Language cookie: stores more permanently the user's language choice. This cookie doesn't disappear when you close the browser: it lasts 1 year.

- Google Analytics statistic analysis cookie: allows us to improve our corporate web site receiving anonymous feedback of how it is being used.

2.- In our partnerships we do not insert cookies directly, but some third parties do insert them: Google Doubleclick cookies and advertisers who promote through Ampliffy. Those third party cookies are, for example, for the correct functioning of advertisements, showing the same ad only once to one person, or in the case of remarketing campaigns, to retrieve the anonymous fact that a browser opened a webpage showing a product, in order to show to that same browser an ad promoting that product. You can choose about your ads in the advertisements configuration page.

Why we customize the advertisements to products you may have seen?

Ampliffy works with advertisers who want to adapt their message to their visitors or customers.

What's my interest as an internet user?

The ads adapt to the interests you express in your recent browsing in affiliated sites to Ampliffy. Those ads can propose products and offers tailored to what you may be searching for.

Is the privacy of my data respected?

Ampliffy's advertisements does not retrieve nor store any personal data that could identify you.

In other words, the information which Ampliffy may store is 100% anonymous.

How my data treatment works?

The services used by Ampliffy to show customized advertisements registers information only when you access with your browser to specific advertiser's websites. Those web pages recognize the (anonymous) cookie in your browser and registers that this cookie has seen an specific product. This data is totally anonymous.