Gain massive, segmented access to a young audience

With over ninety million unique users a month, Ampliffy offers the best solution for Advertisers to achieve their online marketing goals targeted at a digital audience aged 14 to 35.

Video creators manage, distribute and monetize their video content through the Ampliffy's Publisher Sites and reach a massive audience while increasing their revenue.

Publishers upgrade their Sites through the Ampliffy TV Platform and become a short video linear TV for young people, enhancing their user experience, audience and video advertising revenue.

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Advertiser: Reach your target audience

Make your first impression count. Get precise audience targeting, global reach and guaranteed viewability with high completion rates. Online video is the best ad format to impact young audience. Context and intention are the key for a successfull video ad campaign. Find an engaged, brand-safe audience for your ads through Ampliffy. Reach audiences in a brand-safe context that is relevant to your brand. Use our exclusive video ad formats to build a set of inventory tailored to your needs.

Creator: Share and monetize your videos

Expand the reach and revenue of your video content. Distribute and monetize your content to millions of users worldwide through the best online publishers. Upload your videos and get paid for each view. Get access to your Control Panel to see which videos perform the better and track your daily revenue. Create, share and earn with Ampliffy for Creators. Join and become a part of our creator's community.

Publisher: Monetize your audience

Show great video content to your audience. Create a high-impact pre-roll inventory, fully monetized video placements, and add new revenue opportunities to your Site. Ampliffy engages your audience with the right videos at the right time and in the right place to improve their experience, and maximize your RPM. Our video discovery platform will delight your users and your CRO! Increase your audience, engagement and monetization with Ampliffy for Publishers.

Google Certified Publishing Partner

If you’re a Publisher using Google Ad Manager and you’re looking for support bringing your business to the next level, Ampliffy is part of an exclusive community of trusted third-party experts who offer innovative video solutions and services utilizing the latest Google products. We can help you with everything from growing your ad revenue to strategizing across many areas of your business including: video content, video monetization, campaign setup, optimization, and maintenance. Allowing you to focus on what you love — creating great content for your audience.