Gain massive, segmented access to a young audience

With over five million unique users a month, Ampliffy offers the best advertising solution for achieving your online marketing goals targeted at a digital audience age of 14 to 35.

We serve display, video, branded content, and social media campaigns using demographic, geographic, and interest-based segmentation to join the conversations of Millennials.

Reach your target audience

If you are an online advertising buyer and are seeking to reach a massive, well- segmented young audience (ages +14-35), Ampliffy provides you with its Big Data-based AI platform to help you achieve your online marketing goals. According to comScore, Ampliffy has over 5 million monthly users in the +14-24 and +25-35 age ranges.


Display, video & branded content

Ampliffy offers online advertising buyers the best advertising formats for reaching a massive, well-segmented young audience (ages +14-35). Display, video, and special branded content ads, handled by Ampliffy's Big Data-based AI platform, guarantee the best results for Advertisers seeking to achieve their online marketing goals. Traditional formats combined with creative new solutions enable Advertisers to connect with their audience in a context where dialogue is key.

Commitment, quality, and results

Our commitment to our Publishers and Advertisers is the key to our existence. The quality of our work is our reason for being. Our customers' results are our goals. Ampliffy's staff and technology work with processes, algorithms and additional intelligence that are layered over Google, Facebook, and comScore technology aimed at ensuring fulfillment of our Publisher's objectives for boosting their audience and revenue as well as at achieving our Advertisers' online marketing results.

Monetize your audience

If you have a website with a young audience (ages +14-35), Ampliffy offers you Monetize, its audience monetization platform developed with AI models based on Big Data, aimed at generating real-time predictive models for decision making about our Advertisers' promotional goals and investments. Harness the full business potential of the advertising ecosystem with Ampliffy Monetize technology and increase your online business revenue.