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Ampliffy is a platform that enables advertisers to connect with the right publishers and deliver targeted ads to their audience. We specifically focus on reaching the young audience beyond social media platforms, as they spend a significant portion of their daily online time searching, reading, and shopping on the web through their mobile phones.

Through the Ampliffy Control Panel, advertisers can measure the performance of their ad campaigns. This panel provides valuable insights into how the ads are performing, and we offer optimization assistance to improve results. With Ampliffy, advertisers can achieve their ad Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in less time and at a lower cost by connecting our Exclusive Video Ad Formats with their DSP (Demand-Side Platform) campaigns through programmatic advertising.


Advertisers benefit from using Ampliffy's platform for two main reasons:

  • A. Access to Exclusive Video Ad Formats: This allows them to reach young audiences beyond social media platforms using their preferred DSPs (such as DV 360, MediMath, etc.).
  • B. Access to Exclusive Video Ad Creatives from Ampliffy's Creators Community.

Let's delve into the first reason (A).

Our Exclusive Video Ad Formats are divided into two groups:

  • 1. Brandsocial Video Ads: We integrate advertisers' TikTok and Instagram Feeds, Facebook Pages, or YouTube Channels into Desktop or Mobile Web Video Ad Campaigns, refreshing their campaigns for better attention from young audiences. We effectively engage the Y and Z generations throughout the web, extending beyond social media platforms.
  • 2. Brandformance Video Ads: We generate leads, calls, bookings, searches, or audio plays through Desktop or Mobile Web Video Ad Campaigns that combine branding and performance-oriented objectives. This approach delivers exceptional Branding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and efficient eCPL (effective Cost Per Lead) or eCPA (effective Cost Per Acquisition) results.

The second reason (B) is to access Exclusive Video Ads from our creator community.

  • This means advertisers can explore and select video commercials provided by creators for their brand. These video ads can be used in advertising campaigns using Ampliffy's Exclusive Video Ad Formats within our network of publishers.

The combination of reasons A and B empowers advertisers to effectively reach young audiences beyond social media platforms, leveraging the right context, wider coverage, and aligned interests.

Ampliffy adopts a unique approach to distribute and optimize advertisements. We reach the young audience through exclusive video ad formats outside of social media platforms while maintaining a connection to the advertiser's social media accounts content and through call-to-action buttons, enabling better interaction.

We provide our own video player and control panel, offering convenience for both advertisers and audiences. With these features, we generate first-party data to create custom strategies and execute video ad formats in a way that effectively reaches advertisers' KPIs. This comprehensive approach has consistently delivered remarkable advertising results beyond social media platforms.

To begin working with Ampliffy, simply sign up on our website, and you will gain access to your advertiser's platform account. This will also grant you access to our publisher and creator community.

Once registered, our team will evaluate your profile and brand value, enabling us to initiate your advertising campaigns. From there, you only need to supervise the optimization of your advertisements through the Ampliffy Control Panel, which will be linked to your DSP.

With Ampliffy for advertisers, you can expand the audience for your advertisements and have full control over them. We provide comprehensive data and statistics from every campaign, helping advertisers understand their results and performance, and enabling them to optimize their ads effectively.

By utilizing our Exclusive Video Ad formats specifically designed to engage the Y and Z generations on the web, advertisers can make the most of their DSP by connecting their video campaigns to the Ampliffy for Advertisers platform.

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